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Playoff Push Ahead: Impact Need Perfection

With a few weeks to go, Amarikwa shows the confidence he needs to help his team make the final push.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

With only six games left to what was a seesaw season, the Impact are in a position that a few months ago seemed out of reach, the playoffs. Currently holding the final playoff position in the east, the Impact will be defending their position possibly until the very last game of the season. DC United, who still has one game in hand, managed to fight their way back up from the very bottom of the table; making the September 29th face off between the two most viable options for the final playoff position that much more important.

MLS: D.C. United at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

So called “experts” of the league made their prediction of the playoff teams and a debate started around the topic. The debate is not only present among fans but with players have also taken noticed, especially Quincy Amarikwa who made no mistake to share his opinion.

“It’s great that everyone can give their opinion but I think there should be a stats of how many times you’re right, a win percentage should be down at the bottom of every single time you make a prediction. I think people would be more conservative or mindful of the things that they say before they say it.”

MLS: Chicago Fire at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

While Quincy wasn’t mincing his words for the so called “experts” he has a point. Sometimes it is easy to share their thoughts but those thoughts should not be taken as sure fact.

This goes without saying that the Impact will have their work cut out for them in the next few weeks and we will likely be on the edge of our seats.