Where Did This Come From?

It was May 29th and the Impact had just suffered a depressing loss to Minnesota United two months into a depressing season. As if Impact fans hadn’t suffered enough, Rémi Garde decided it was time to officially confirm every fan’s worst fear, "Yeah, I think we’re missing talent. I don’t think I have to correct what I said after the game" (Montreal Gazette). The season was bad and the team was obviously bad but now fans knew the coach thought this team was hopeless too.

The Recovery

So how did this team lacking talent turn all of this around?

We don’t have to look much further than Montreal’s September 1st game against the New York Red Bulls. NYRB sits atop the MLS with 55 points but couldn’t handle a finally exciting Montreal Impact. The Impact won because of a trend that has been slowly developing. Piatti went from the only brightspot to the best player among a very capable attack and Montreal finally has a real midfield and defense. Everyone moves better on the pitch and creates space for themselves.

Ultimately, this game was a great test for the Impact and could be a sign of an exciting upset in the playoffs if they make it there. The question from here on out is if this level of play can be sustained and whether we can achieve some level of depth with the development of players like Jeisson Vargas and Ken Krolicki.

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