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Player Ratings Part 1: Montreal Impact score late to draw vs Union

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

After being trounced by Orlando City, the Montreal Impact were desperate for a result against a higher ranking Philadelphia Union squad. With a win, the Impact would have leap frogged ahead of the Union into 4th place in the eastern conference. On the other hand, a loss would have been disastrous for both the Impact's morale as well as their placement in the standings. The Impact could not manage the win they so dearly wanted but they were able to avoid the loss. Thanks to a late goal by recent acquisition Matteo Mancosu, the Impact managed to eek out a draw versus the Union in Philadelphia. Here are my player ratings for the Impact's match versus the Philadelphia Union.

Player Ratings:

Eric Kronberg: The Impact needed their backup keeper to make one key save but he was not able to make it. We can debate whether or not Kronberg should have made that critical save but, for me, his reaction told me all I needed to know: he was mad at himself, he punched the ground in frustration, he believed he should have made the save. Since Kronberg thought he should have made the save, then I think he should have made the save. Performance Rating: 6/10

Ambroise Oyongo: The Cameroonian returned from his appearance with his national team in time for Saturday's match and it was nice to have him back. It was clear that the Impact missed him on Wednesday. He was solid versus the Union as he managed 7 recoveries. He was also able to provide the offensive spark that Amadou Dia did not versus Orlando. However, he can shoulder part of the blame for the Union's first goal. Performance Rating: 7/10

Laurent Ciman: "Le Général" was a force at the back like usual. However, like the game versus Orlando, he coughed up the ball a few times in his own end. Luckily, the Union did not capitalize on those turnovers. On the other hand, Ciman was also able to intercept the Union's passes 7 times. Performance Rating: 7/10

Hassoun Camara: Our French defender seems to have taken over as Ciman's partner at center back and once again on Saturday, Camara racked up some impressive statistics. On the down side he was not able to close down Union midfielder Tranquillo Barnetta who capitalized on the space he was given to slip the ball past Kronberg and give Philly the lead. Performance Rating: 6.5/10

Donny Toia: Our young American fullback is definitely not the most prominent player on the pitch but I still believe he is an essential part of our back four. In recent games, he has also learnt to contribute more in the offensive half. In fact, he was the one who flicked the ball towards Mancosu on the equalizing goal. Performance Rating: 7.5/10

Marco Donadel: One of the elements lacking in the Impact's play on Saturday was the transition between the midfield and attacking four. The responsibility for a fluid transition falls on the shoulders of Donadel. Instead of precise passing, Donadel opted for the "hit the long ball and hope" approach, it did not work. Performance Rating: 5/10

Hernan Bernadello: Bernadello was another advocate of the "hit the long ball and hope" approach, it did not work for him any better than Donadel. On the defensive side of the ball, Bernadello managed an impressive 9 recoveries and 4 tackles. Performance Rating: 6/10

Thanks for reading my player ratings, stay tuned to MRS for the 2nd half of my player ratings. Let me know if you agree with my ratings in the comment section.