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Montreal Impact players salaries 2016 released by Major League Soccer Players Union

MLSPA has released the 2016 MLS players salaries as of May 15th 2016

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of the year when for the first time of the season, MLS fans/media/pundits/followers/haters and more have access to the players salaries of every player in every club. Shock, awe, good/bad surprises are upon the interwebs to evaluate, understand, analyze and ingest meta-data.

The Montreal Impact player's salary list

MLS Players Salaries 2016 Impact

Quick Notes

  • The combined guaranteed compensation of Didier Drogba, Ignacio Piatti and Laurent Ciman = 3,253,333.67 US $. This represents 48% of the total guaranteed compensation of the whole club.

  • Lucas Ontivero is a young DP and Galatasaray is paying half of his salary as per the loan deal. Is the salary displayed before the 50% or after 50% rebate?

  • Experience and longevity in MLS pays as shown by Dominic Oduro, Eric Alexander and Eric Kronberg.

  • Value for Money: With Victor Cabrera making a good salary of 250,000 US $. Is the gap in talent and performance output  between the Argentinean defender and Wandrille Lefevre as big as the 187,000 US $ gap in compensation ?

What is your take?