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Transfer Talk: Liberating International Roster Spots

Summer transfer window may be more than a month away but some moves are already being discussed.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The last few weeks all the talk has been about Nacho Piatti after Saputo visited 98.5 and said some moves would be made during the transfer window that would upset fans. He also went on to say that he wonders if it would be better to have three players at 2 million instead of one at 6 million. These claims were slowly fading after the Impact broke out of their goal drought on Saturday but other rumours have surfaced. Nilton Jorge reported that Victor Cabrera may be the next trade target to liberate an international roster spot and get an American player in return.

The 25 year old Argentian has been with the Impact since 2015 and in that time he has played 72 games (80 with playoffs) and has grown as a reliable player for the Bleu-Blanc-Noir. While currently on the injured list, Cabrera still has quite a bit value on the MLS market as he still has many years ahead of him and has proven himself to be reliable, reckless at times, but reliable for the defensive line.

Garde likely has his eye on a few international players but the Impact have a surplus and are limited in the moves they can make during the summer transfer window in consequence. With the window only opening on July 10th a lot can change from here until then but one thing is certain the Impact will be making moves to bring in some new blood.

Rod Fanni is in the last month of his contract (which ends on June 30th). Fanni was brought in as reinforcement after the Zakaria Diallo injury. It will be interesting to see if he is kept for the remainder of the season or if they let him go and use the players at their disposal. Liberating him would allow the Impact to gain yet another international roster spot but would likely comprise the minimal stability they have defensively. Fanni has become the pillar of the defensive line it, consequently, would not be surprising that they did keep him longer than originally expected and play him alongside of Rudy Camacho or Kyle Fisher (upon his return) allowing Raitala to play at his natural left back position.