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Recap: #CF97 vs #IMFC

Winning didn't seem like an option but losing shouldn't have been one either...

MLS: Montreal Impact at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

In an uneventful Wednesday night the Impact looked like they would have held on for one point in Chicago but with only a few minutes to go they loss their defensive stability that they had held so well all game long. The loss was even more disappointing because the Impact had a few chances but seem to be looking for the perfect pass or couldn't capitalize on golden opportunities.

The first big chance of the game belong to Piatti who was cleverly fed the ball by Jackson. Piatti was alone in the box but his first touch was too heavy. He along with his teammates and fans were left in disbelief because it was an unusual handle by Piatti.

The Impact got a scare in the 33rd minute with a goal line clearance by Lovitz. Moments later Lovitz was part of a great scoring chance. Taider feed the ball into the run of Lovitz and he crossed the ball into the box but Jackson was just a little late with his run.

MLS: Montreal Impact at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The second half was uneventful until the very end of the game where Chicago seem to gain some momentum. In the 84th minute, substitute Louis came up with a big play when he got to the rebound of a big save big Bush first. The rebound would have ultimately been an easy goal for the opposition but the intervention by the 22 year old Quebecer kept his men in the game.

The heroics did not last long. Ellis controlled the ball through the box and took a shot from the top of the box. His shot unfortunately deflected off of Piette and Bush was left standing because he was caught off guard going in the wrong decision. This 89th minute 1 goal lead would ultimately leave the Impact in the deficit at the end of the night.

3 Observations

  • Mo-mentarily dispearance: Piatti seem to be loss in the game against Chicago because the 2018 10th overall pick managed to shut him down. Mo Adams was definitely given a mission to give Piatti no space on the pitch. Piatti was unable to use his creation skills and his brilliance was inexistant against the youngster. It will be important for Piatti to find ways to create space because more and more clubs will play against the Impact in this fashion. Moreover the players around him will need to step up in games where he is shut down by the opponent because his heroics will only get the Impact so far.
MLS: Montreal Impact at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports
  • Back to the old ways: The loss was disappointing but not unfamiliar the Impact dropped multiple games in the final minutes in the last two seasons and while coach Garde has managed to input his playing style slowly that is one unfortunate aspect that remains in the Impact identity. The Impact need to play a full 90, they need to learn to close out games!
  • Anchor: Finally getting the well deserved recognition in recent weeks, Piette has managed to really pick up his game recently and thankfully it isn't going unnoticed. More defensively placed players are often forgotten but Piette has had a hand in very important goals for the Impact and he is also an important piece in their defensive block which was almost perfect against Chicago. Piette is the type of player that sticks out to those with strong soccer knowledge; he beautifully reads plays to intercept the ball and is able to calm down the rhythm of the game. His intelligence on the pitch and fight are what makes him a valuable piece to the Impact midfield right now and for years to come.


MTL – G-Evan Bush; D-Michael Petrasso, Rod Fanni, Jukka Raitala, Daniel Lovitz; M-Samuel Piette, Alejandro Silva (Louis Béland-Goyette 73’), Saphir Taider (Matteo Mancosu 90’); A-Ignacio Piatti, Anthony Jackson-Hamel (Dominic Oduro 78’), Raheem Edwards

Unused subs – Clément Diop, Chris Duvall, Víctor Cabrera, Ken Krolicki

CHI – G-Richard Sánchez; D-Brandon Vincent, Grant Lillard, Johan Kappelhof, Kevin Ellis; M-Aleksandar Katai, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Dax McCarty, Mohammed Adams (Daniel Johnson 82’); A-Alan Gordon (Elliot Collier 61’), Nemanja Nikolic (Diego Campos 72’)

Unused subs – Patrick McLain, Jonathan Campbell, Brandt Bronico, Tony Tchani


CHI – Ellis (Kappelhof) 89’


MTL – Petrasso 65’

CHI – Vincent 66’

CHI – Adams 70’