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Your Votes Are In...

Fans want to see the newbies

MLS: Montreal Impact at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The votes are in and fans are really anxious to see what new arrivals, Alejandro Silva and Rudy Camacho have to offer. Ken Krolicki and Jukka Raitala, the two players who would swapped out, have not been playing poorly but it would be interesting to give a chance to the newbies.

On the other Michael Petrasso is expected to return at his position. Chris Duvall who filled in last week, while Petrasso was injured, seem to struggle quite a bit during the game and it would be surprising for Garde to give him another chance. On the other hand Garde always has a few surprises up his sleeve and seems very determine to stick to a recipe that works. We should not expect any major changes to the lineup because Garde isn't the type and the team has been playing well with this group of players in this formation.

It'll be interesting to see how closely this lineup matches the lineup put on the field tonight.

Subs: Diop, Raitala, Duvall, Louis, Edwards, Krolicki, Jackson