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Over The Hump - Not Enough “Tough” & Player Ratings

Midweek look-back at a difficult night in Foxboro’

MLS: Montreal Impact at New England Revolution
Anthony Jackson-Hamel tries to get the better of Revs defender Claude Dielna. It was a poor evening for the Canadian international and his team-mates.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s back to the drawing board . . . .

There were circumstances for sure on Friday night, but the most disappointing aspect of going down 0-4 to New England (a record margin of defeat for the series), was the lack of character and desire on display from IMFC. This was a night for, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going . . .” Sadly, there wasn’t enough “tough” to even set the ball rolling.

I can accede to having sympathy for Taider over the red card, acknowledge the absence of Piatti left a huge gap, and that it’s hard to play for almost a full game short-handed, but the lack of any substance in the face of adversity is the unforgivable part. You simply have to dig in, pretty or not, when the chips are down. Montreal Impact did not!

I wrote last week how this team’s character is developing. I was premature. There’s evidently still a way to go.

Piatti, as an individual player, is still far too important. Maybe in time Silva will add the support needed. That needs to be the hope and expectation. You had to feel sorry for Alejandro considering the circumstances around his first start in bleu/blanc/noir. Could be forgiven for thinking, “What have I let myself in for?”

There were poor and non-performances all over the field. It would be wrong to single players out, but Krolicki, a bright young prospect, must be given a rest. Superb engine, too easily knocked over, not yet quite up to the job. You also wonder why Camacho has not yet seen light of day.

MLS: Montreal Impact at New England Revolution
Ken Krolicki - a difficult night for the rookie.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Assumption has to be that he’s been brought here to start games. Unless he’s nursing an injury, one wonders why he’s spent most of his time trying to avoid splinters sat on the bench! But then again, if he’s sat on the bench, you have to conclude he’s fit and available for selection.

Montreal for sure needs something better for this coming weekend at Red Bull Arena, a venue where it’s record is, played 8, lost 8, in MLS Regular season play!

Player ratings and comment, as I saw it . . . .

Evan Bush – 6/10 – Left exposed. May have done better with the second goal, and clearly at fault with the fourth. His penalty save kept his team in the game, unfortunately not for long.

MLS: Montreal Impact at New England Revolution
Montreal’s best moment in the match - Bush saves Fagundez’s delayed pk.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Alejandro Silva – 6/10 – Showed useful touches but was forced to try too hard under the circumstances as the game wore on. Right wing-back position probably too deep to get the best from this player. We shall see though.

Victor Cabrera – 4/10 – Worst performance of the season by the Argentinian. Dreadful defending on first goal, not any better in the lead up to the penalty kick award. Looked like one of those days he’d wished he’d stayed in bed! One to forget.

MLS: Montreal Impact at New England Revolution
Victor Cabrera (white shirt) - not his best performance in an Impact shirt.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Lovitz - 5/10 – Game passed him by. Never really did anything obviously wrong, and lately, gone is the positive attacking intent shown in the opening pair of matches. Perhaps a little more excusable when team is short-handed.

Rod Fanni – 6/10 – Again, IMFC’s best defender on the night. Looked imperious at 11 v 11 but found it difficult to marshal his colleagues and play his own game thereafter.

Jukka Raitala – 5.5/10 – For the most part a nothing performance, although he did try to set some things going in more advanced positions as the game wore on. Not at fault for any particular goal, but needs to step up more.

Samuel Piette – 5.5/10 – Tried to play his normal game, which doesn’t look so good when players around him are busy being ineffective, and the opposition attacking in torrents. Not one whose character can be questioned, but not one of his better games either.

Saphir Taider – 5/10 – Hardly worthy of attaching a rating, such was the brevity of his activity. Unlucky, in my opinion to see red, it was a huge factor in the game. Not much more to be said, really.

Ken Krolicki – 5/10 – Had a difficult night. Lack of inexperience and leadership around him didn’t help. A decent prospect but needs a rest. Great energy, but too easily knocked off the ball. Not quite at the standards required yet.

Jeisson Vargas – 4.5/10 – A nothing performance. Missed partner, Piatti. Looks to be no chemistry whatsoever with Jackson-Hamel.

Anthony Jackson-Hamel – 5/10 – I’ll take a lot of convincing that AJH is not a better weapon coming off the bench. Had one chance to make a name for himself but produced a weak finish. Would love to see more aggression and intent from this player.


Louis Beland-Goyette – 6/10 – Not a good game to come into. Foraged away admirably, although not with great success. Steady.

Raheem Edwards – Unfair to attach a rating. Came into a difficult situation and unable make a difference.

Dominic Oduro – Not enough minutes to warrant a rating.