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Montreal Impact has interest in Argentine striker Ezequiel Cerutti

Montreal might acquire San Lorenzo striker Ezequiel Cerutti for $5 Million dollars


According to César Luis Merlo from TyC Sports the Montreal Impact seem to have an interest in San Lorenzo striker Ezequiel Cerutti.

This news is coming from a top soccer reporter in Argentina and Cesar says that the Montreal Impact seem to have an interest in the striker. It’s not clear if the Impact has made an offer yet but it seems San Lorenzo have put a price tag of $5 Million dollars on Ezequiel Cerutti.

The 25-year-old is mainly a right winger by nature but sometimes likes to play as a striker or center forward. This season he has played 11 games as a right winger and one as a striker. In 58 games in the Primera División, which is Argentina’s top soccer league, Ezequiel Cerutti has scored 5 times and has got 11 assists.

The Montreal Impact and San Lorenzo are no strangers to each other as in the past the Impact has acquired Ignacio Piatti from them so this deal wouldn't be a huge surprise if it went down. It also seems like the Impact have a good eye for Argentine players as the likes of Adrián Arregui, Hernán Bernardello, Víctor Cabrera, Ignacio Piatti, & Andrés Romero are all Argentinian. To be exact 18% of the Impact roster is Argentinian.

If this deal were to go through Ezequiel Cerutti would add some nice offense to the right side, all though the Impact does have Ballou and Oduro who play on the side, if Ezequiel Cerutti is slightly anything like Piatti then it would be a huge addition to the team.

Thanks to Nilton Jorge who brought my attention to this transfer rumor, make sure to follow him on Twitter he always has update news on who the Montreal Impact may get.

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