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Anthony Jackson who?

Hometown boy is becoming a fan favorite

MLS: Montreal Impact at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have thought, the 23-year-old Quebec city phenom Anthony Jackson-Hamel, who made his professional soccer debut in 2014 for the Montreal Impact as a substitute against Toronto F.C in a 2-0 loss that day, would be such a factor in saving the Montreal Impact’s sinking ship this early on in the 2017 campaign.

It was Hamel who helped the Impact salvage 2 games, one where he scored with the back of his heel at stoppage time against Atlanta United, and more recently when he helped propel the Impact from a 3-0 deficit by putting up 2 of the 3 goals necessary to secure a meagre tie in last Saturday's event in Philadelphia.

Anthony has shown signs of brilliance this early on in the season, as rumors swirled around this past offseason of his potential release, Hamel has put up a fantastic season to start, and it’s not only his stats that matter, but it's his ability to score when the Montreal Impact need him most.

As the impact are sitting a mediocre 4 spots out of playoff contention to start the season, and have only managed to pull out 1 win out of their first 7 games this year, Hamels’ contributions come as the most important of the Impacts goals to date, as Hamel’s 3 goals helped the impact secure 4 points in games that most likely would have led to losses due to the team's recent slump as of late.

It is a long season ahead, with only 7 of the 34 games played so far, the season looks grim, but not yet totally lost, but as a fan, it is a silver lining to see the hunger in young players such as Hamel, where the scoreboard during the game does not seem to faze him. In a post-game interview when asked about his two goals against Philadelphia on Saturday, he simply stated: “I’m just here to go out and put balls in the net that's all I focus on, I just find it fun”.