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Didier Drogba joins Phoenix Rising as player and co-owner

A new venture in the soccer realm for Drogba

MLS: Montreal Impact at Toronto  FC Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Didier Drogba has signed a contract for USL side Phoenix Rising as a player before stepping up into an executive role at the club.

He announced this news on his Twitteer account telling the soccer world his new venture in the football realm.

Drogba said in a statement on Phoenix Rising's official website: 'I have taken my time in deciding what I wanted to do next and am really excited about the opportunity at Phoenix Rising FC.

'After seeing first hand the potential for expansion of the sport in North America and getting to know the ownership group in Phoenix, I am convinced that I can help them develop their organization on and off the pitch.

'I look forward to their continued success in the USL, and no city is better positioned than Phoenix for expansion into the MLS.'

“We want our club and our city to be synonymous with international excellence, and Didier Drogba is a testament to Phoenix Rising FC’s commitment to that mission,” said Phoenix Rising Club Governor Berke Bakay. “Soccer is an international language understood by sports fans all over the world, and we want to help inspire fluency among new fans everywhere we play throughout North America.”

With Drogba now playing soccer in the USL it begs the question to fans “Why didn't he just continue playing for the Montreal Impact?” well it seems that Drogba is planning on playing with the team to maybe boost fan interest or to bring more attention to the club.

The end goal for Didier Drogba seems to be to own an MLS club and with him becoming co-owner & player this could really help the clubs chances of moving to the MLS from the USL.

From Phoenix Rising website:

Phoenix Tops the List of MLS Expansion Franchise Applicants

Of the 12 finalist cities for MLS expansion, Phoenix is the most advantageous offering: the largest population, the largest projected population by 2025, the largest population under age 45 and the largest Hispanic population. Importantly, Phoenix also provides the greatest number of TV viewing households. Phoenix is also the only potential expansion market without an existing MLS team within 300 miles, serving a wide gap of soccer fans throughout the southwestern United States.