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Piatti carries Impact offensively against Seattle

Never mind the final result — Impact fans should be confident going forward with Piatti on their side

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Impact fans are upset this week because their team “choked” again Seattle Sounders by allowing a tying goal in the dying seconds of their home debut, but they should feel lucky to have an MLS star like Ignacio Piatti on their team.

Last week I wrote about how Montreal had no shots on target partly because Piatti was being double and triple-teamed, and this week he put his team on his shoulders with a goal and an assist with a flair and confidence only two other players in this league possess: David Villa and Sebastian Giovinco — the last two MVPs.

Villa was spectacular for NYCFC this past weekend with two goals and an assist, and Giovinco came off injured and Toronto FC resorted to long balls and tied again.

The Argentine’s performance was so good the MLS Instagram account made 52 seconds of “the Nacho Piatti show.”

Welcome to the Nacho Piatti show

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It’s worth noting, by the way, that the majority of Piatti’s successful plays, including his goal and assist, came from the middle of the pitch. He spends the majority of games out on the left wing, but it’s through the middle, when he has the most space to maneuver, where he’s most lethal.

Piatti attempted seven dribbles — five in a centred area — and completed six of them. He was comfortable, and Montreal benefited offensively.

Forget about the result — it’s too early to worry. Enjoy the Nacho Piatti show.