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O’Captain, My Captain! Thank You!

My farewell letter to a passionate and exemplary man.

MLS: Toronto FC at Montreal Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday October 22nd will mark the end of the Impact 2017 season officially. On that day, fans will not be there to close out the season but to thank the respectable, honorable and native born, Patrice Bernier; our Captain. It goes without saying how much respect this guy has earned from his teammates, the fans and rival players. A man who started his journey in Montreal before showing off his skills in Europe and made his way back just in time for the start of Montreal in the MLS. A player I, along with anyone who watches the Impact, will never forget. We love you for your passion, your leadership, your desire to win, to give it your all and mostly to support the guys around you. We commemorate you for your respect towards us; win or lose you made your way around the pitch to thank us for showing our support and always being by your side. I will always remember that memorable game against Toronto where you scored that awesome goal; the celebration banging your chest showing your love for your club.

I will never understand how you managed to walk out of some challenges. Before even having the ball you scanned your surroundings and knew your next move. The intelligence you display on the pitch is something I always tried to put into my game, striving to have a glimmer of midfield control like you have. I will always remember the sombrero flick over, one of my favorite players, Andrea Pirlo.

You have paved the road for Quebec soccer players and given hope to many little ones to show what is possible. Your love for you club is undeniable and we know you always played your heart out on that pitch. I know you are ready to close this chapter of your life, but I could keep saying one more year forever. Players like you are not common; you are one of a kind and I wanted to commemorate what you have done for you club, your city, your province, your country. A toi capi, je dis merci!

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports