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Matteo Mancosu: Nobody knew his Name

Nobody knew who he but after last week nobody will forget him.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

A few months ago I wrote an article on Marco Donadel detailing how Joey Saputo and Co. should continue their path of going to Italy and bringing in more down on their luck Italian footballers that have something to prove. Then on July 7th the Impact announced the loan of Matteo Mancosu. Now to be honest when I first heard of this signing the first thought that came to mind was who? So I looked into his past stats and on paper it’s nothing to be excited about. Mancosu started his career with Aletico Calcio in serie D and continued playing in Italy’s lowest divisions with multiple different teams before making the jump to Seire B with Trapani in 2013.

In 2013 he set the record for goals by a rookie with 19 in 27 matches the next season he beat his personal best netting 26 goals in 40 matches, becoming the top-scorer in Serie B.  Mancosu made it to the big leagues in Italian soccer when Bologna F.C (Joey Saputo) would purchase him. His first season didn’t go as planned managing to score only a single goal in his first season which lead to an unsuccessful loan to Carpi to finish off the Serie A season.

So far his time with the Impact look to be a success he’s played 4 matches started in only one of them and has 2 goals and an assist. There are rumors that coach Biello wants to play both him and Drogba up top together in their match against NYRB. I say why not both strikers play a very different style of game and that may be able to work in the Impact’s favor and help us get a much needed road victory.

Mancosu earlier success with the team be a sign that bringing in players from Italy looking for a new start and something to prove may work in our favor. Early reports out of Italy are suggesting that the Impact have begun talks with Alessandro Matri, he would be signed to Bologna to play out the season and then join the Impact in July 2017.

This would be a great signing for the team especially with the possible departure of Drogba at the end of the season.  Here’s hoping that the Impact continue to use their connection to Serie A and bring in more players from across the Atlantic.