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Drogba and Piatti Dazzle in 5-1 thrashing of Philadelphia Union

The Impact put on a show at home and come away with a very impressive victory

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

What. A. Show.

In what began as a rainy affair, many would have thought that this game would have gone the way of boring, with something like a 0-0 draw or a 1-0 score line being the story of an other wise slow game.

Boy were we all wrong.

The Montreal Impact came out and put on a show. It didn't matter what anybody else was doing on this Saturday Night, trust me when I say it pales in comparison to the display that the Impact put on.

Without a doubt the greatest game they have played thus far, the team showed absolute cohesion when moving the ball and clinical finishing on their opportunities, both of which have been major issues the Impact have had this far into the season.

The score line at the end of the game indicated a 5-1 finish, but it really could have been seven or eight goals from the Impact on this night, putting shot after shot on net.

While it is impossible to expect a team to perform like this every week, even 80% of what we saw is more then good enough to carry this team into the playoffs, and do some real damage.

Man of the Match: Didier Drogba & Ignacio Piatti

For the first time in this series, there are two man of the match awards being given it, and there surely could have been more.

Choosing between Drogba and Piatti was nearly impossible, as both put on incredible displays, surely to be remembered the rest of this season.

Didier Drogba. That is all one need say if I am being honest. The legend was back in a big way, potting 3 goals for his first hat trick of the season. All game he was incredible, always in the right place at the right time, ready to pounce on any opportunity. Legend.

What magic from Ignacio Piatti as well. The argentine was electric all night, posing a threat to the opposition every time the ball was at his feet.

Surely, Nacho has to be considered a legitimate threat for the MVP award in MLS this season, as his goal last night moved him 1 goal behind the league leader, yet he also has 4 more assists then David Villa as well. Piatti has had his best season as an Impact player thus far, and has shown little signs of stopping. Incredible.

Honorable Mention: The Rest of the Team

Everybody deserves some recognition for the way they played in this game, yes, even Callum Mallace.

At every level, players played well.

The return of Donny Toia was huge, as he was able to shut down his side of the field, as we have come to expect. Oyongo seemed to continue his upswing in form, especially on that pass for the first goal.

The combination of Victor Cabrera and Hassoun Camara was incredibly effective (shout out to MRS writer Noah Markowicz for calling for the Camara at CB all season).

The midfield was spectacular, including even more impressive play from both harry Shipp and Patrice Bernier.

Please Mauro, keep the starting XI the exact same for the next game. They showed such great chemistry all game. Keep working Donadel back into the lineup slowly to eventually replace Callum Mallace.

Most Surprising Performance: Patrice Bernier

I for one have been banging the drum to have Bernier feature in the starting XI for some time now, and then having him come off around the 70th minute.

Little did I know that Bernier could play at such a high level for a full 90 minutes. Seriosuly, if not for Drogba and Piatti, Bernier is your man of the match.

He was directly involved in two Impact goals, and was incredibly influential in the game as a whole. Keep it up Capitaine!

Most Disappointing Performance: N?A

But that's just one man's opinion, let me know yours by leaving a comment below!

Man of the Match Awards -€” Thus far

Ignacio Piatti -€” 4

Laurent Ciman -€” 3

Didier Drogba -€” 3

Lucas Ontivero -€” 2

Kyle Bekker -€” 1

Micheal Salazar -€” 1

Victor Cabrera -€” 1

N/A -€” 1

Additional Notes:

Did anyone else see Lucas Ontivero post game? He looked a little upset, maybe because he was not able to showcase his talent in front of his former employer, with the Real Madrid contingent in attendance.