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Marcelo Larrondo Rumours

Could the Argentinian striker be joining the Impact, or are they involved in a shady deal with River Plate?

Marcelo Larrondo with Torino in 2014
Marcelo Larrondo with Torino in 2014
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Much has been reported in the Argentinian press lately regarding Argentinian striker Marcelo Larrondo and his rumoured transfer to the Montreal Impact. Mount Royal Soccer breaks down the facts and the gossip below.

Marcelo Larrondo: The Facts

The 27 year old striker currently plays for Rosario Central, and has a transfer clause in his contract that sets his market price at $1,500,000 and also prohibits him from moving to another team within the Argentine league. He has been with his current team since July 2015, and before moving back to Argentina, he spent six years in Italy, with Siena, Fiorentina, and Torino. Prior to that spell, he played two years with River Plate, the former team of Impact defender Victor Cabrera.

He is an accomplished player who might be a viable replacement striker for Didier Drogba, who is expected to retire at the end of this season.

Marcelo Larrondo: The Rumours

Some sources in Argentina are saying that River Plate, a rival of Rosario Central, wants Larrondo. One rumour says the Impact haven't paid their debts to River Plate for Cabrera's right, and still owe the team $1,300,000.

The idea here is that we would pay Larrondo's transfer fee, then "loan" him to River Plate, settling our debt for Cabrera in the process.

Whether or not he ever reaches Montreal in this scenario is unclear.

Other sources are reporting that the River Plate rumours are false, and he will play with Bologna (or some other club) until next spring, when he will join the Impact team full time.

All sources are reporting that the deal to purchase Larrondo, at least, was completed last weekend, and that Larrondo will not see minutes in MLS in 2016. The Impact front office has not yet made any comment about the striker.