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Johan Venegas scores against Colombia in Copa America

Who is this Venegas playing for Costa Rica and why is he not kicking ass with the Montreal Impact?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Johan Venegas was brought it to the Montreal Impact to exactly do what he has shown for Costa Rica, especially during the 2016 edition of Copa America. Some flashes were shown but the ex-Alajuense offensive midfielder kept us wanting more. Always a bright spot and a regular with Costa Rica, Venegas helped Los Ticos get a huge win against Colombia.

Unfortunately, the US National Team's win vs Paraguay eliminates Venegas and his teammates from Copa America.


El NutMeg

The good news is that Venegas will be back with the Impact sooner than expected and will have enough time to rest and get ready for MLS summer grind. Many Impact fans will hope that he will show the form and exude the same mojo he has with the national team.

Vamos Johan!