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Impact Score Late Equalizer in Thrilling Second Half

The Montreal Impact seemed to have given up on the game after going down 4-1, before mounting an incredible comeback to salvage a point

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

What. A. Comeback.

Every time this team takes the pitch, it seems as if fans will be in store for one of two things, an incredibly disappointing performance, or more often then not, a thrilling finish to a game. In Saturday's game, it seemed as if the Impact gave us both sides of the team.

As Mauro Biello put it today, I felt "mixed" about the result. I was damn proud of the comeback effort put in from the team, but there are many problems that still need to be patched up.

For now, a point on the road from an eastern conference opponent is a great prize for a lacklustre performance.

Man of the Match: Ignacio Piatti

And there he is!

After being largely invisible for the last few weeks, Ignacio Piatti finally found his stellar play again against the Columbus Crew.

With Didier Drogba being introduced into the starting lineup a few weeks ago, it seemed as if Piatti had been trying to figure out the right positioning to be most effective, now with the hulking striker sucking defenders towards him.

It took him a few weeks, but boy did he figure it out. Piatti was responsible for two goals himself, and even drew the penalty that Drogba was able to convert.

Between Piatti, Didier Drogba, and Dominic Oduro, the three put the team on their back moving forward. Hopefully, the problems seen on the defensive side of the ball are fixed and the attacking chemistry is kept moving into the next game.

Honorable Mention: Didier Drogba & Dominic Oduro

If not for Piatti being so quality in this game, Drogba or Oduro could have easily been named the Man of the Match. Both were clinical with their chances going towards goal, each converting a goal, and responsible for assists on goals from Piatti.

It seems as if the Impact have found the right formula in terms of their attacking players in their formation. Having Drogba play in front of Piatti, Shipp and Oduro seems to be working very well. Having Ontivero, Venegas and Salazar available to come off of the bench for more fire power is an incredible option.

Most Surprising Performance: Back Line Deficiencies

That was a difficult performance to watch from the back line.

After watching Maxim Tissot improve throughout the last couple of weeks, Saturday's game showed why some, including myself had a bit of skepticism when he was inserted into the Starting XI due to injury. As an MLS rookie, we must all grow accustomed to his inconsistent play, as it comes with the territory.

The rest of the line, even the usually impenetrable Laurent Ciman, was not much better, showing various deficiencies that must be corrected soon, or we may need to get used to high scoring thrillers.

Most Disappointing Performance: Victor Cabrera

I am going to chalk this performance up to rust, after not playing in the last few weeks. Cabrera had a very difficult time marking his man throughout the game, especially on the goal from the Crew when he was turned around like a turnstile.

I would give him another shot at the Starting Xi next week, and if he struggles again, Mauro must consider allowing the impressive Wandrille Lefevre to enter the lineup on a more consistent basis.

But that's just one man's opinion, let me know yours by tweeting @javiergonz1994 or leaving a comment below!

Man of the Match Awards -€” Thus Far

Ignacio Piatti -€” 3

Laurent Ciman -€” 3

Kyle Bekker -€” 1

Didier Drogba -€” 1

N/A - 1