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Laurent Ciman: A Family Guy

Father that's puts his family before anything else.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Laurent Ciman came to the Impact as a top defender out of Standard Liège where he spent the past 5 years of his career being one of the best defenders in the Belgium League. Why he choose to come to Montreal during the prime of his career and leave his home of Belgium traveling 6,000 km is not because he had to prove or better himself and it’s not because he loves poutine or hockey. No he joined the Impact because he puts his family before anything else.

Family First

Laurent Ciman joined the Montreal Impact to help get the health care his 5 year old daughter Nina needed. Ciman’s daughter was diagnosed with autisms and back in Belgium the Cimans found it incredibly difficult to find the basic care their daughter needed, so when Joey Saputo and Co. came knocking on their door with a contract and once they found that they can get their daughter the care she needs in Canada they couldn’t turn the offer down.

From MLS to Euro Cup

Laurent Ciman first year for the Impact was stellar he represented Montreal in the 2015 All start game, helped guide the Impact to their second ever playoff berth resulting in them beat bitter rivals Toronto FC 3-0 in what would be the first ever MLS playoff win in Impact history. As he gets ready to represent his country at the upcoming Euro Cup in France, he will surely be missed on the back four but we all know he will represent his country and the Montreal Impact glowing. Laurent Ciman joined the Impact because he is an amazing father who like all great dads puts the needs of his kids ahead of his own and will do anything possible to help his family, Ciman is not only a superhero on defense he is a superhero to his family.