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Montreal Impact beat LA Galaxy in 3-2 thriller, Drogba scores last-minute free kick

Montreal Impact win its first game at Stade Saputo in 2016.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It did not start well for the Montreal Impact after conceding a gag-reel goal after Evan Bush and Maxim Tissot gifted Giovanni Dos Santis an easy goal, early in the game. The first half was dominated by the LA Galaxy but the Impact was able to get the important equalizer after a great run by Dominic Oduro to feed Ignacio Piatti.

The second half saw the momentum shift towards the home team with Mauro Biello's team being more dangerous with counter attacks while staying defensively more compact. The Bleu-Blanc-Noir was rewarded with a beautiful finish by Lucas Ontivero who scores his first goal of the season.

The 2-1 lead is shortly lived as Mike Macgee scores a few minutes to tie the game. The rest of the half saw both teams go at it to try to get the 3 points with a balanced battle in the midfield, with captain Patrice Bernier bringing more poise  as he came to replace an injured Marco Donadel during the first-half.

The game-winning came from Didier Drogba off a long range free-kick that Rowe totally mishandled and hopefully will not haunt his promising young career.

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