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Poor Weather leads to Sloppy Game between Impact and Philadelphia Union

The soccer gods were not on the Impact’s side, as constant rain lead to a sloppy contest against the Union

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Another game. Another tie.

In what was a very sloppy game due to poor weather, the Impact dropped another two points at home.

Whichever way you look at it, haven't lost in 5 games, or haven't won in 5 games, the fact that 2 points have been dropped in all of those games is not inspiring for what is supposed to be a contender in MLS this season.

While many may point to the fact that the Impact are on top of the Eastern Conference still, it is important to remember that the East is far weaker then the Western Conference, and any ranking should be taken with a grain of salt relative to the MLS as a whole.

A successful MLS season should have teams winning at home, and getting a tie on the road, at least 80% of the time. The Impact have failed thus far in that pursuit, and I for one hope they start to figure things out, sooner, rather then later.

For now, we'll chalk this one up to the poor weather conditions.

Man of the Match: Didier Drogba

Plain and simple, Drogba commands the game.

Let's leave aside his Goal of the Week strike in the second minute, we all know that's just regular Drogba being Drogba.

Today, I brought a friend with me to the game, and he commented many times about how "Drogba doesn't even do anything, he doesn't even run!".

Thing is, he doesn't need to run. Drogba has this knack for knowing where the ball will be before its actually there. It really is incredible. I don't know what to call it, "Soccer IQ", "Attacking Awareness", "Drogba being Drogba?", they're all interchangeable really.

Honorable Mention: Dominic Oduro

Can we all agree on something?

Dominic Oduro belongs on the wing.

In what was a game representing a microcosm of his season thus far, Oduro looked incredible on the wing and then when shifted to striker, looked dreadful.

Oduro provides straight line speed that very few in this world can provide. Give him the open space to run, and without failure he will get the ball into the box.

Will he finish? Very small chance. But he does not need to with a clinical finisher like Drogba in the box.

I hope that his form continues like this, as he has been very effective in the last few games.

Most Surprising Performance: Ambroise Oyongo

It may be due to injury, it may be due to a position change, but all season up until this point, Ambroise Oyongo had been largely underwhelming.

After the season he had last season, fans were expecting much more from the young full back.

Finally, against the Union, Oyongo seemed to be getting back to his old form. Oyongo was never beat, displayed good defensive awareness in his positioning on the pitch, and made sure to get involved on the attack as well, which is all we can ask from Oyongo.

If there is one thing that he can improve, would be his strength while defending set pieces, as I find he gets pushed around a bit too much. But then again, that is not his game. If we want someone for that, we can always put Hassoun Camara into the lineup.

Most Disappointing Performance: Laurent Ciman

Maybe it's my astronomical expectations of him. Maybe it's his continued dominance game in and game out. But for the first time in a long time, I came away disappointed with the performance of Laurent Ciman.

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe the rain got to my head out there at Stade Saputo. But to me, Ciman was not the usual "God-like" defender we have all come to know him as.

Highlighted by a huge mistake on the Union's goal, Ciman made a few poor decisions throughout the game.

While this may seem critical of someone that still was one of the better players on the field, it is a fact that the Impact need Ciman to be at the top of his game at all times for them to be competitive. There is not much room for error.

But that's just one man's opinion, let me know yours by tweeting @javiergonz1994 or by leaving a comment below!

Man of the Match Awards - Thus Far

Laurent Ciman -€” 3

Ignacio Piatti -€” 3

Didier Drogba -€” 2

Kyle Bekker -€” 1

N/A - 1

Additional Notes:

Credit to the Union goalkeeper, incredibly athletic saves made.

Amazing attendance today for such a rainy day! Fans seemed to have a blast! Am I crazy for wanting it to rain