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New York City FC 1 - Montreal Impact 1 : Oduro scores late equalizer

Is there such a thing as an undeserved point?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

With arguably one of its worst performance of the young 2016 MLS season, the Montreal Impact managed to get a crucial point out of Yankee Stadium. The game-tying goal (1-1) came off a beautiful and cheeky header from Dominic Oduro off a free-kick delivered by Didier Drogba...deep in injury time.

If defensively, Montreal was able to hold its own. Offensively, Biello's starting XI was not able to muster much of a rhythm from neither the midfield nor the 3 offensive players in Drogba, Piatti and Venegas.Led by David Villa, NYCFC was the most dangerous team throughout the game as the Spaniard connected very well with Thomas McManamara .


Maxim Tissot and Wandrille Lefevre performed well. The Academy graduates were able to maximize whatever minutes were given to them. As Tissot is taking advantage of a plethora of injuries, he is getting more and more comfortable into becoming a full-time left back. He was initially a left midfielder.

Lefevre seemed to enjoy playing important minutes whether its alongside Victor Cabrera or Laurent Ciman. Showing confidence and poise, Lefevre was not perfect but I still stand that he can easily start 15 MLS games.

Without the counter-attack, the Impact has  trouble to find their bearings offensively and just seem to depend on individual miracles from either Drogba or PiattI. Overall, it was a cacophony out there and no one really knows how the Impact can muster anything tangible without the counter or playing quickly.

The season is still young but the Bleu-Blanc-Noir has to answer many questions again, this Saturday against the Colorado Rapids in a sold-out Stade Saputo that is looking for wins and entertainment value.