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Didier Drogba will join the Impact in Dallas: The complete story

Didier Drogba will be practice twice with the club before potentially playing his first MLS minutes against FC Dallas.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Montreal Impact has confirmed that Didier Drogba will join the club in Dallas and practice with his teammates twice, starting this Thursday. Mauro Biello did not confirm whether the Ivorian striker will play minutes against FC Dallas but it's highly likely that ex-Chelsea player will see some action.

Some random notes to prepare for Drogba's arrival or not. You have been warned about the randomness of some of the content below.

SMF to DFW : 3h25

There aren't many direct flights between Sacramento and Dallas but a business class ticket is available with the flight departing this Wednesday afternoon to land in Dallas just in time for dinner.

ps: I love the idea of travelling in business class so I am living through people's potential lives and travels.

Sacramento-Dallas flight

Drogba Super-Sub?

Look at this yes!!

Drogba is a selfie expert in Dallas

Drogba Dallas selfie