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Lucas Ontivero's humble quiet rise with the Impact , plus honorable mentions to Harry Shipp & Laurent Ciman

Welcome back to the bonus installment of Armchair Javier! The weekly series documenting the play of the Impact!

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Yesterday, Nacho Piatti was documented as being the Man of the Match, but with such a great performance from the Montreal Impact, it is impossible to showcase just one player. Without further ado, let's look back at Lucas Ontivero's performance and how Shipp and Ciman were so key for the Bleu-Blanc-Noir.

Honorable Mentions: Harry Shipp and Laurent Ciman

Choosing the best players from the game was like choosing the best flavor of ice cream at an ice cream parlor, they're all fantastic flavors, but some are simply just a little better.

Against the New York Red Bulls, almost everybody on the pitch was fantastic for the Impact, but the two players highlighted in this section, as well as Nacho were simply just a level ahead.

Last week, I felt Harry Shipp had a strong performance, but seemed to be a bit tentative, likely due to nerves built up form playing his first official game with the Impact. On Saturday afternoon, Shipp showed no signs of hesitation, making difficult passes look routine.

At such a young age, only 24, he has an elite skill when it comes to passing the ball. The precision he displays when moving the ball is unparalleled on this team, one need not look further then his assist on Andrew Jackson-Hamel's goal to see his unique skillset. Shipp, in two games, has been able to display his ability to find attacking forwards moving into the box, having a natural ability to find the right player.

There are not many at the age of 24 who are able to do this, making him truly special. Shipp may not display the same flashy technical ability that Piatti and others possess, but he will wow with his precision passes to players moving forward, and will play an essential role in the success of the team this season.

With what the attacking midfield trio of Shipp-Piatti-Ontivero have shown already, one can only imagine what type of, and pardon the pun, "Impact", Shipp and others will have when Didier Drogba comes into the striker position.

Laurent Ciman. Need I say more? The man is an absolute stud, and is by far our best player, bar none. The fact that he isn't a designated player is absolutely mind boggling, as there aren't many in the league I would take over him, both at his position alone and all players. I see many Man of the Match awards in this man's future.

Surprise Performance: Lucas Ontivero

Lucas "Antihero" Ontivero, as Apple devices would call him, is the unknown newcomer to the team, as the player has only played in Europe up until this point in his career, and has yet to feature prominently in a first team. Fans were able to catch a glimpse of him last week, flashing brilliance before exiting with a cramp. If last week was exciting, then saw Impact fans giddy at the idea of Ontivero playing alongside Piatti and Shipp. The trio works absolutely amazingly together, having an instant chemistry that is rarely seen in professional sports.

Ontivero made several opportunities, both for himself and his teammates, highlighted by a post hit. Making good runs, drawing fouls, and moving the ball with efficiency make this player an exciting player to watch the rest of the season.

As of right now, it seems Ontivero is struggling with cramping issues, a symptom seen similarly in Victor Cabrera at the beginning of last season. I do not see this as a major issue, as I am sure his body will acclimatize to the conditions, much like Cabrera's did last year.

But that's just one man's opinion, let me know your thoughts by tweeting @javiergonz1994 or leaving a comment below! #IMFC