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Montreal Impact release new home jersey: Bleu Blanc Noir is back

The Bleu Blanc Noir jersey, that was used in 2013, should never have left

Impact de Montreal

On Thursday night, the Montreal Impact hosted its annual members general assembly at Club Metropolis during which members could ask questions to the Impact's brain trust including president Joey Saputo, technical director Adam Braz and head coach Mauro Biello. The members and media present were also treated to presentations beforehand showing the club's vision for 2016, season tickets information and more.

But on that evening, the most anticipated event was the unveiling of Impact's new jersey, after a social media campaign to leak bit by bit what the new jersey.

But was it really a leak?

The Impact's marketing campaign around the leaks of the new jersey was actually the biggest hoax ever produced ( I am biased and a very short memory so sue me) in the history of Montreal sports. We were only missing to see Steve Harvey make a presence on the stage of Club Metropolis to truly complete the circle.

The suspense , via the << smoke & mirror >> campaign, created anticipation and expectations to give us the new jersey and what a jersey it is.

When you think that the 1.0 version of the striped jersey, back in 2013, was one of the most popular one among Impact and MLS fans/observers, one can imagine how successful will the 2.0 version become.

Here is a look at the scene at Metropolis as players that were presented with the new jerseys were cheered on and kick-starting Phase 2 of Operation Buzz by the Impact.

Bonne saison à tous les supporters Impact de Montréal et merci de nous suivre! #TropDePoutine #IMFC

Posted by Kan Football Club on Thursday, February 11, 2016