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Trop De Poutine Soccer tournament: Fight Prostate Cancer with Procure on November 19th

November 19th is a perfect day to play indoor soccer for a good cause

Fight Prostate Cancer by helping Procure by playing soccer at the Trop De Poutine tournament, presented by KAN Football Club for Procure.

More details on the event and to buy tickets can be found here but this is the second edition of the tournament. The first edition was an outstanding success as over 40 soccer players from six teams rallied to the cause by participating in the first edition.

This year's edition goes as follows:

When : November 19th 2016 at 12:30 pm EST

Partners: Passion Soccer Boutique,, and Soccer 5.

The Cause : Procure. It’s a great Quebec organization conveying various information on prostate cancer.

6 teams are expected with a special VIP game during the tournament.

How can you help: buy a ticket for yourself if you don't have a team. If you have mates to kick the ball around with, buy tickets for the whole team at (click on Billet Tournoi Procure)