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Should the Impact be interested in Bastian Schweinsteiger?

First Didier, then Bastian?

Manchester United Training and Press Conference Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

There have been many reports that some MLS clubs have an interest in the midfielder, notably the Chicago Fire. Chicago and Montreal both have had past interest in big name players. As we saw last year, the Montreal Impact traded for Drogba's rights from Chicago.

The 32-year-old World Cup winner appears to be on the move from Manchester United. New manager Jose Mourinho said that is very unlikely that Bastian Schweinsteiger will be getting playing time this season.

It seems that he’s on the move out of Europe if he doesn’t play for Manchester United. Bastian Schweinsteiger mentioned in his tweet that Manchester United will be his last European club and that he will be playing for. With him recently marrying tennis star Ana Ivanovic, it seems a place like the MLS would be more suitable for him rather than playing in Asia.

With Bastian Schweinsteiger being 32 years old, he still has around 4-5 years left in him, so why not the MLS? Why not the Impact? Many might say L.A or New York which are probable destinations for European stars, but Montreal should now be in talks as a probable destination for big name players as Drogba has popularized the city.

So why not Montreal, it’s a beautiful city, has a great stadium and passionate fans, right? But it seems Bastian Schweinsteiger would rather live and play with the Chicago fire but that doesn’t mean Joey Saputo shouldn’t go out and try getting him.

With a heavy price tag of $5.5 Million, I think it would be 100% worth it. He’s a great central midfielder with experience and leadership. After playing many years in Germany and a short amount of time in England, this man has played top-notch football for most of his career, not to mention his World Cup medal in 2014.

It seems Bastian Schweinsteiger is getting closer to signing with the Chicago fire as him and Chicago Fire head coach Veljko Paunovic have had a couple of meetings together about possibly joining the club. There have been multiple reports about a possible 3-year $16.5 million dollar contract, which would be one of the most expensive MLS contracts to date.

With the Impact just bringing back Bernardello and potentially Dzemaili next season, many might say is there is no room for him? If there is any chance Bastian Schweinsteiger would consider Montreal, there is no question Joey Saputo should try and sign him even though we have Dzemaili and Bernardello.

A possible midfield of Bernardello,Dzemaili, Piatti and Schweinsteiger would make one of the most deadly midfield force to ever assemble for an MLS club.

In the end, if Bastian Schweinsteiger does consider the MLS as a destination, with Drogba leaving, this could be another great big name signing for the Montreal Impact.