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North Star bell ready for Montreal Impact’s final home game

Next task: Score some goals, Impact.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn’t taken long, less than two seasons, for the North Star bell to become an iconic fixture at Montreal Impact home games. Before too long, it will likely be so normal that it will seem like it was always around, to literally ring in Impact goals.

Since it’s a fixture, the North Star needed to switch venues for the Impact’s final home game of the 2016 MLS season, at Stade Olympique on Tuesday against Toronto FC in the Eastern Conference finals. And given the size of the bell, moving it from Stade Saputo is not an altogether easy task.

But it’s in the Big O, and it got a little workout on Thursday to ensure it’s ready to ring in the goals. Sure sounds like it’s good to go.

The designated ringer for the North Star on Tuesday will be boxer Jean Pascal. Only thing left to do is wait and see how many times it rings on Tuesday.