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Didier Drogba still absent from practice

Drogba is un(officially) MIA

MLS: Toronto FC at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

MIA stands for Missing In Action and Didier Drogba has been missing game action and practice since taking himself off the 18-man gameday roster against Toronto FC. With the game against New England being played on turf, there was little chance to see Drogba play at Gillette Stadium.

But since missing the game against the Revolution, Drogba’s back problems seem to have gotten worse as the ex-Chelsea striker has not been in practice at all. The back issue is strange though knowing that Mauro Biello assured in his postgame press conference , after the 2-2 tie vs TFC, that his back issue was not deemed to be bad enough not to play.

Clash entre Biello et Drogba

[ ⚽] Clash Biello - Drogba

Posted by Kan Football Club on Monday, October 17, 2016

As it was well described by @Solambey from KAN Football Club, Didier Drogba has gone through 3 distinct stages quickly. From the Superstar to Supersub to SuperSnub, Drogba is in the middle of a classical debate: can a player be bigger than a club. But that debate is for another day as many hope that Drogba is actually injured and this is not a chess game between the designated player and the club.

But did the rift, that Joey Saputo was able to fix, re-open between Drogba and the club?

To be continued.