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With 2 games left, the Montreal Impact looking to finish strong

Can a 2-0 record to finish the season kickstart Montreal’s MLS Cup aspiration?

MLS: Montreal Impact at Orlando City SC Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

You will not be learning anything new if you are told that the Montreal Impact’s aspiration is to win the MLS Cup. That objective became very realistic last year for the following 3 reasons (there could be more) : Didier Drogba joining the club, a decent playoff run that saw them lose to the losing finalist (Columbus Crew) and the Portland Timbers winning the MLS Cup.

Those 3 factors or reasons fueled the flame of hope to make its own magical run during the MLS playoffs with the like of Drogba, Piatti and Ciman to lead the way.

Though, the 2016 season has not been the most flashy in positive results, or at least consistency.


Red = losses, Green = wins , Orange = tie

Unfortunately, the Impact is in an “almost” must-win situation against two different foes with the same obvious aspiration, making the playoffs, but with a different vision on how each team wants to get in the final dance. If the New England Revolution is under the red-line (the playoff line), Toronto FC already clinched a spot but is looking to finish as #1 or #2 in the East to avoid a knockout game.

The storylines of the Impact’s next two opponents almost doesn‘t matter as the team led by Mauro Biello, El Jeffe, has its own demons to fight. As the Stade Saputo has gone from Fortress to Purgatory, the mental state of the squad is as important as its physical health.

As this group has gone through its share of growing pains, it will come down to an experienced squad that has the potential to wreak havoc in the MLS Playoffs.

They just need to make it.