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Montreal Impact Salaries: Money Talks

If all contracts were up for renewal tomorrow, what Montreal Impact players deserve a pay raise?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Most professional athletes will tell you that they play their respective sport because they love it.  The pay check is just a bonus.  That being said, they need to make a living just like you and me.  With the release of the 2015 salaries, it is clear that not all pros are rolling in piles upon piles of cash.  In this countdown, we look at a few players who might deserve a little bit more money in their pockets.

3) Donny Toia

Versatile and tenacious, the twenty-three year old currently rolls in 60k a year.  In just his first year with the Montreal Impact, he has became a permanent fixture in the starting XI.  Twenty-two times to be exact.  Although he plays a tough defensive style, he has never been sent off in 2069 minutes.  More impressive, he has only received two yellow cards in 2015 thus far.  Not too shabby on headers either, you can ask our friends down in Orlando about that.

2) Calum Mallace

This one was surprising just due to his length with the club. It would seem the Scottish-American midfielder would already be making more than entry-level money, since he has logged 3111 minutes over four years with the Impact. Currently he brings in a $60,000 base salary and a guaranteed 2015 compensation of $75,000.  His position encompasses a ton of responsibilities and his performance can certainly dictate the end result.

He has appeared in 52 matches, 36 of them being starts.  He has scored once, assisted six times, and has only been booked six times as well. At the very least, the dime he dropped for Cameron Porter in the Champions League should be recognized in a nice end-of-the-year bonus check.

1) Evan Bush

Bush makes the most money out of anyone our list, 100k per year to be exact, but deserves to see some higher digits in his bank account.  In fact, he makes less than his back-up, Eric Kronberg, who brings in $132,000.

No other Impact player has done more of a 180 in terms of quality, in my mind, than Evan Bush.  I remember going to an empty bar on St Laurent with two friends on a freezing February night to see the first leg against Pachuca.  In the first half, a slow rolling shot comes towards Bush, who attempts to corral it, bobbles it, and then pushes it out for a Pachuca corner. Immediately, it put a bad taste in my mouth.  In fact, my friends and I had an ongoing joke about Bush after his little blunder.

But wow, did I ever eat my words after that.  The 29 year-old Ohio goalkeeper has had a tremendous season.  After taking home the Golden Gloves award in that same Champions League tournament, he has made a plethora of big saves and has really given Montreal legitimate chances  of winning games, that perhaps, they should not have won. The 2-1 win versus Dallas, anyone?

If you're looking for more recent examples, he recorded two clean sheets against both the Western and Eastern conference leaders on Sept 12 and 19 respectively.

Who do you think Joey Saputo should be writing bigger checks to?