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Joey Saputo sued by Joe Tacopina over unpaid wages

Joe Tacopina is taking Impact and Bologna FC owner, Joey Saputo, to court.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Joe Tacopina is suing Joey Saputo, one of the main investors in the purchase of Bologna FC. The New-York lawyer is asking for 5 million$ " and a temporary restraining order forcing Saputo" to live by an agreement that he bargained for, agreed to and admittedly partially performed."

Why the lawsuit?

As per Tacopina,  Joey Saputo promised to pay him a salary of 800,000 euros a year as Bologna FC president.  Not only that did not happen but allegedly, the lawyer was boxed out of the presidency of the club while diluting his ownership percentage.

It's not clear if those claims are legitimate but most importantly for Montreal Impact fans,  it's not 100% clear how would this affect their home club in La Belle Province.