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Klopas Out. Biello In. The parade of Montreal Impact coaches continues.

In their brief 4 year MLS existence, the Montreal Impact have had 4 head coaches.


Announcing a coaching change at 1am Est local time is a bit odd to any sane person, unless of course you happen to be a long-suffering fan of the Montreal Impact and you've become accustomed to these kind of things.

Remember when Joey Saputo 'fired' Nick Desantis only to find out that he was actually being promoted?.. Yeah, those were good times.

In their brief 4 year MLS existence, the Montreal Impact have had 4 head coaches.

If Mauro Biello is replaced later on this year during his 'interim' phase as coach, the team will be announcing their 5th head coach in only 4 years.

  • So why now and not at the end of last season when the Impact finished with the leagues worst record?
  • Why now when the team has been ravished by a set of injuries to their most important players (Mapp, Piatti, Drogba) which has reduced a hard-to-score team to an almost impossible to score team?
  • Why now and not just wait till the end of the year?
  • Why Biello?

I believe the answer to all the above questions is .. because.

Because Joey Saputo wanted that way.

Richard Legendre, & Adam Braz, will be meeting with media on Sunday afternoon to field any questions but the man who ultimately made all these choices is Joey Saputo.

He's the one that saw something in Jesse Marsch and then decided that he didn't like what he saw.

He's the one that saw something similar in Marco Schällibaum and then, also realized that he really wasn't seing what he thought he had seen.

He's the one that decided that Frank Klopas was the right man to steer the ship into the future but didn't like what that future looked like just a few months later.

If there's one person that should be at the press conference answering questions on Sunday, it's Joey Saputo.

I hope that Mauro Biello can quickly turn things around and establish himself as a vaible candidate for the job long-term but with Drogba & Piatti on the sidelines and with Laurent Ciman missing the next 3 games because of suspension issues, the timing couldn't be worse for Biello.

The saying, 'it's going to get worse before it gets any better' seems pretty accurate right now to describe the Montreal Impact's future.

Best of luck Mauro!. (You're going to need it).