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Impact , Alco Prevention Canada team up to offer designated-driver services for fans

Feeling tipsy after the game? Had too much Vino and not enough Cibo? Dont' drink and drive and let a designated driver take you home safely.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

As of this Saturday, the Montreal Impact will set up a designated-driver service for Impact fans that had too much to drink to take them home. The Impact will be the first Canadian professional sports club to offer this kind of service to its fans.

What does it entail

A half-dozen of car and designated driverswill be present at Stade Saputo to bring fans and their cars safely at home. dedicated kiosk will be setup where more information can be found and most probably a registration process.

Seven alcohol testing terminals will be made available at the stadium to test their alcohol level

How much

Between 35$ and 44$.

The club did state, via Patrick Vallée (Director of Communications) that this initiative was not to solve a recurring problem at the Stadium but to enchance the experience at Stade Saputo.

Fans of the Impact seem quite happy about this initiative.

Story reported by Baptiste Zapirain of Journal de Montréal.