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Impact vs Union Preview: Three Questions with the Brotherly Game

Eugene Rupinski of the Brotherly Game sits down with Mount Royal Soccer, as we talk Impact vs Union, Wenger vs McInerney, Poutine vs Philly Cheese Steak

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

MRS) The Union seem to be going through another difficult season, seemingly starting from scratch. Is that too harsh as a statement?

tBG) I don't think it's harsh. Calling the Union's season difficult is understating how terrible they were earlier in the season. Now they've turned it around a bit, but are still dead last in points per game, but still have a long way to go before the season can be considered anything approaching good.

I don't think it's accurate though to say they're starting from scratch. The only players who weren't with the team last year that regularly feature in the starting XI are Brian Sylvestre (who trialed with the team), Richie Marquez (who was with the Union's USL affiliate in Harrisburg), and CJ Sapong. Also acquired during the offseason on loan were Fernando Aristeguieta and Steven Vitoria, but both have been hurt and rather ineffectual when they've played. The rest of last season's team is intact.

MRS) How has Andrew Wenger developed with the Union?

tBG) Andrew hasn't had a good run of games lately, so it's hard to say. He seems to be in the midst of one of those unlucky streaks that hit players every so often, and we're hopeful that he'll break that streak soon. That being said, I think he's been doing things the right way - doing those little things off the ball that help the team but perhaps don't show up on the scoresheet.

MRS) Wenger or McInerney? That is the question

tBG) Wenger all day. When McInerney's hot, there's no question that he's one of the best in MLS. The problem is that when he's cold, he's colder than a Montreal winter. And when he's that cold, his attitude becomes a huge issue for a team. All too often when Jack went cold, we'd see him pout on the field when he didn't' get a pass or berate a teammate when a pass wasn't inch-perfect. While Wenger might be ice cold right now, he's also acted like a professional. He doesn't blame his teammates for his shortcomings and owns his mistakes. I'll take that every time, whether I'm a coach, a teammate, or a fan.