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Deviens no. 12 - Impact Mosaic Breaks Record

The Twelfth Player Brings the ‘Buzz’ on Wednesday night:

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night the Impact fell short of winning the CONCACAF Champions League (CCL) in heartbreaking fashion to Club America. However the scenes before the game were amazing with over 61,000 supporters holding blue, white, and black squares creating the largest mosaic ever orchestrated at a sporting event in Québec.

Way back at the start of February Impact President Joey Saputo was concerned by the lack of ‘buzz’ around the club. Fast forward to Wednesday night, as those in attendance raised their colours in unison above their heads, his concerns should have been eased a little. Starting hours before kick off Impact fans could be heard singing and chanting around every corner of Olympic Stadium. The supporters took heed of the clubs’ message to arrive early before the decisive game; this was not a small feat considering Montrealers reputation for arriving to events fashionably late.

Every End is a New Beginning: Wednesday night was an opportunity to expose soccer fans of all stripes in Montreal to the Impact. Although there have been other well attended soccer matches in Montreal over the past number of years (ie. Beckham game) this one had a big game feel to it from start to finish.

This wasn’t just another ‘Montreal event’, it was an important match and the everyone responded right on cue. The mosaic didn’t just kick off the game last night, it kicked off a new chapter in the history of the Montreal Impact.