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Impact's heavy investment in CONCACAF Champions League yielding results

Strong monetary and mental investment is yielding results

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Amidst a disastrous 2014 MLS season, the Montreal Impact was still able to win one important trophy crowning the club as Canadian champions and bragging rights: the Voyageurs Cup. As 2014 Amway Canadian Champions, the Bleu-Blanc-Noir booked an economy class ticket and little did they know that a first class upgrade was coming their way.

Professional conditions

If Joey Saputo has always made it clear that he would not splurge ridiculous transfer fees and salaries on players, the owner/president has always made sure to put his team under the best conditions. As the club had 2 MLS games postponed for September (lost revenue for the first home game at Stade Saputo in April), the club is fully committed to the CONCACAF Champions League.

As per monetary investment, Montreal did not leave anything to chance (estimated cost  of 300,000$ via America Monumental) with a charter flight, a personal chef, a week-long stay in Mexico, security detail. Frank Klopas and his staff made sure to make the players comfortable, happy and focused on the task on hand.

Win and they will come

58,000+ fans are expected for the second leg at the Olympic Stadium as the club is getting closer to break its own record. While everyone is hoping that the Impact will still have a fighting chance when the club plays the home leg , the buzz generated by this magical CONCACAF run has been tremendous and tickets were basically selling themselves.

The Impact sold 45,000 tickets within 2 days of qualifying to the final, shortly after the second leg against Alajuelense.

Media Buzz

20 members of the medias will join the club in its Mexican adventure for the first leg showing an openness to include everyone relevant in the process while embracing the media as an ally and medium to its fans. Flying with the club and covering practices in Mexico should create an interesting dynamic and give a distinct point of view in the coverage thanks to the close proximity.

Home is where the montreal media is

As the club's biggest game of its history (repetitive but still stands true) is upon us, the right conditions are in place to be ready physically and mentally for another fairy tale that is so close to morph itself into reality.