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Kenny Cooper in Montreal ! Q&A With Sounder at Heart

The Montreal Impact acquired a veteran in Kenny Cooper this week. To know more about the player I've reached out to Jeremiah Oshan, senior editor at Sounders at heart.

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Kenny Cooper is a MLS veteran and he scored his fair share of goals in the past. But last year he only put 3 in the net. How would you describe the Kenny Cooper from 2015?

Cooper was kinda stuck in a tough position last year. With Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey the obvious starters at forward, Cooper was relegated to mostly reserve duty. When he did start, it was often as a wide midfielder. I'd say he was reasonably effective in the time he got, but he didn't get a ton of time in MLS competition. He was, however, a best in US Open Cup play where he scored six goals.

What’s the major difference between the 2014 player and the one who scored 18 goal two times in the past?

The biggest difference is playing time. Given the right situation, I don't see why he can't product big numbers again.

What are the reasons why The Sounders has decided to waive him?

The Sounders decided to waive him mainly because his salary was too big for the role he was going to play.

What are his assets and flaws on the field?

He's a great teammate and always one of the more likable characters on any team. He seems perfectly happy to accept whatever role he is given, almost at fault. If there's a big knock against him, it's that for as big as he is he doesn't really play physically. He's basically a winger trapped in a target forward's body.

At what position is he the most effective?

That's always the tough question. If he can play as a forward up top without being asked to be a target man, that's probably his best role. He likes to face the goal, rather than have his back to it.

From my point of view here it is clear that Cooper has still some gas left in the tank. He proved it last year in the US Open Cup by being a very good player for the Sounders. Now he is with a team who needs some help up front and we will play a lot more than he was in Seattle in 2014 and this year. Do I think this is the solution ? Not completely ! He will sure have an Impact on the club but his best year is now in the past. I don't think we are going to see another year where Kenny Cooper land 18 goals but if he manage to score a few goals here and there and be a good support to Jack McInerney he will help the team.

Don't let the Concacaf Champions League final overshadow the fact that the Impact does not play good soccer right now. If it was not of the away goal rules the record of the team would be near a disaster with 1 win 3 losses and 4 draws. They need help and Cooper will help them for sure.

Thanks to Jeremiah for taking the time to answer my questions. You can follow him on twitter @jeremiahoshan