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Montreal Impact vs Pachuca Players ratings : Porter FTW Edition

Did someone say something about a lack of buzz? Hmm...

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Without further ado, here are your ratings for Tuesday's, stressful, thrilling, amazing contest.

Coach: Frank Klopas - 8/10

Klopas hit all the right buttons in his three substitutions. Donadel was indeed the weaker of the two in defensive midfield, and Mallace coming on when he did was a very positive move. Reo-Coker was better than Donadel, but not by much, so Porter coming on was again on point.  The only error I think was to bring on Jack-Mac when he did. I would have liked to see him brought on either at halftime, or at the very least, much earlier in the second half.

K: Evan Bush - 7.5/10

Much better performance in the return leg for Bush. Made a game-saving stop in the second half to keep the Impact in the match. Was effective in his punches and anticipated balls in the box well. His goal kicks still need a lot of work, however: they are easily some of the worst in the MLS. Overall though, he played a solid game.

CB: Laurent Ciman - 7.5/10

Besides the penalty, which after watching several times was indeed a foul, Ciman was once again one of the better Impact players on the pitch. He made a couple of gaffes in the box, losing his player on one occasion that led to a free header, and getting tripped up on Bush's big save on another, but made a ton of excellent plays as well. He was aggressive in the tackle, won the majority of his headers, distributed efficiently, and even dribbled successfully up the pitch.

CB: Bakary Soumare - 8/10

Better game this time around for Baky. Was dominant all night long on aerials, and made very few defensive errors. Kept his game simple, moving the ball quickly to his teammates. Just played a tight, solid game.

LB: Donny Toia - 8/10

Really liked what I saw from Toia. His speed and efficiency on the left side really neutralized the Pachuca attack. Like Soumare, he kept his game simple, cleared balls away smartly, and found his teammates with ease. He rarely seemed under pressure, and his game-saving tackle late in the game led to the tying goal. Overall, it's been a very promising start to the year for the youngster.

RB: Victor Cabrera 6/10

Cabrera's rating would be even lower if not for his excellent work in the box, where he made a goal-saving tackle and was extremely solid on aerials. Unfortunately, he was beaten for pace on many occasions down the left flank, which led to a number of grade "A" scoring chances. It should be noted that Cabrera is a natural CB and has been playing out of position, so it was to be expected that he would struggle with the Pachuca wingers. A tough game for the Argentinian, but still looks like a real talent to me.

DM: Marco Donadel: 6/10

A drop off in quality for Donadel in this encounter. Started the game brightly, but then seemed to disappear a bit. Was not as implicated in counter attacks as he was in Mexico.  Not a terrible performance, but didn't offer much either.

DM: Nigel Reo-Coker 7/10

Saw some improvement for Reo-Coker in the 1-1 draw.  After once again starting the game slow and ineffectual on the ball, he ramped up his intensity level as the game went along. Seemed more implicated in attacking movements, moved the ball quicker, and just overall made smarter decisions with the ball. Also found he was more aggressive in the tackle. Still not great, but noticeably better in my opinion.

LM: Dilly Duka 7.5/10

Though not as implicated offensively as he was last Tuesday, Duka made up for it by playing a sound defensive game up and down the left side. Made a couple of key interceptions in and around his own box, and along with Toia, didn't offer up many opportunities for Pachuca to attack. When given the ball in attack mode, I thought he made the most of it, distributing well and even getting a couple of looks of his own on net.

CAM: Ignacio Piatti - 7.5/10

Another solid game for Nacho. The offense didn't create much, but he was usually front and center when it did, performing flicks, back-heels, and inch perfect passes for his teammates.

RM: Justin Mapp 7/10

Playing on what was the Impact's weaker side probably hurts Mapp's rating a bit, as he could have helped out Cabrera more on the defensive side of things. Still, he didn't make any glaring errors, and came close to scoring in the second half. His crosses were a bit subpar, though. Not a great match by Mapp, but I thought he worked hard.

Striker: Dominic Oduro - 5.5/10

Same kind of performance once again for Oduro. Besides drawing a Pachuca booking in the first half, was fairly invisible for most of the match.

DM: Calum Mallace - 9/10

Mallace put in a solid performance in relief to Marco Donadel, distributing the ball with ease and tracked Pachuca movements effectively. To top it all off, he made one of the nicest passes you'll ever see, dropping a 60-yard bomb onto the chest of Cameron Porter, who slotted home one of the biggest goals in Impact history.

Striker: Jack MacInerny - 6.5/10

Decent first outing for Jack-Mac. Wasn't in the game for very long but displayed good energy on and off the ball. Thought he was more proactive and defensively aware than Oduro.

Forward: Cameron Porter - 10/10

Scored maybe the biggest, nicest goal in not just the Impact's history, but who knows, maybe even Canadian history! Can't ask for much more!