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Dominic Oduro vs Pachuca: '' Playing home gives you confidence ''

M for motivation, C for confidence, H for home. If the alphabet could only have 3 letters, the Montreal Impact would have those three words in their vocabulary at all times. After a hard-fought 2-2 draw against Liga MX's Pachuca , in the first leg of the quarter-final match in the CCL, Montreal has a chance to make history.

H is also for history, I will concede.

Dominic Oduro is showing much confidence off the pitch when he communicates his eagerness to play at home and the eagerness of the club to use its depth as it's coming together. Brushing off quickly the chance that the team can get ''over-excited'' at home and open too much against Pachuca, he insists that the group is strong and conscious that the stakes are high.

A 0-0,1-1 draw works for Montreal but the Ghanaian striker insists on the Bleu-Blanc-Noir being '' smart '' and adds that they will not sit back. The club`s mental fortitude will be tested and the players are ready to take on one of the club's biggest challenges , early in the 2015 season.