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City of Montreal inadvertently promotes intolerance towards Soccer

Vivons Ensemble, Let's together!! except for Soccer players

City of Montreal

In a media campaign that started a month ago, the City of Montréal released a few videos to promote its newest Charter of Rights and Responbilities that recognizes the rights and responsibilities of residents, including civic-mindedness. Using a social media campaign to boost your message and reach a different kind of audience is a great thing.

It's just that short video clip is kind of awkward and could make you feel uneasy.

The young boy playing soccer is happily doing his thing, minding his own business. He is abruptly stopped by a gang of taller, bigger boys playing street hockey. His soccer ball is taken away from him and kicked out into the street. The good news is that there is a happy ending, the young boy scores a hockey goal and everyone is happy.

A few awkward notes and self-questions :

  • Is the young soccer player portraying an immigrant? a newly-landed immigrant? Very confusing
  • The group of boys , who are playing hockey, force him to play ...well hockey.

Are we associating  hockey with assimilation? or Soccer with lack of integration or is it the other way?

  • Why not make the hockey players more diverse?
  • Did the ball really needed to be kicked into the street?