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Didier Drogba will not play for Bologna FC, as per official release by the Montreal Impact

Rumours in Italy have bombarded the WWW with rumors that Drogba would join Bologna FC after the 2015 MLS playoffs.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Rumour has it that Didier Drogba was keen to join Joey Saputo's other professional soccer club,  Bologna FC. After festering for 24 hours,  the rumour was denied by the Montreal via press release.

If it didn't make sense for the Impact to not have its star player rest during the off-season, the sporting and commercial aspect for Bologna FC would have been interesting.

Though one could imagine the outrage by Impact fans to see the player that put the club on the world map. Not only was Stade Saputo sold out on a few occasions but season ticket renewals and new sales have skyrocketed thanks to Drogbuzz.

The club has said via press release that neither Bologna nor the Impact have discussed this possibility amongst each other or with the player.

It's not unusual to see a club squash a rumor before it becomes an uncontrollable media snowball and it's best to manage the message while control the integrity of the brand and keeping some peace in the middle of a playoff run.