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Impact beats TFC 2-1, to play knockout playoff game vs TFC on Thursday

Drogba's brace gives the Impact home advantage for knockout playoff game against Toronto FC.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a well deserved lead thanks to a Jozy Altidore goal,  Toronto FC was playing a good away game at Stade Saputo.It was a chilly night in Montreal and sold out Stade Saputo were looking for something to cheer for.

After a difficult first half, during which the midfield was dominated by the Reds and a lively Giovinco,  Mauro Biello made adjustments to his midfield by taking out Johan Venegas to bring in Dilly Duka.

Then Drogba happened... Again and twice

Two goals,  within minutes of each other, lit a fire on the house that Joey Saputo built. The rest of the half was marked by a good defensive performance though Toronto would have deserved at least a point.

The Mtl-Toronto Derby has finally find a home in MLS and with both teams being relevant during the same season, it is taking another level.

On Thursday night, the winner of the knockout playoff game will go on to the MLS Eastern Conference semifinals,  leaving in the dust an archrival that will neither forgive nor forget.