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Andres Romero not nominated for Goal of the Week

His goal was quite a doozy but not good enough to make the list. Damn you MLS!!!

Romero has had a horrible 2013 season as per expectations, performances and the potential that he has showed a bit under Marco Schallibaum. In 2014, he is a changed man and is enjoying an excellent season but this time, it's the club that is having a horrible season.

It did not stop the Argentinean firecracker to shine at Red Bull arena and not get intimated by Thierry Henry's performance. Wandrille Lefevre plays his natural midfielder role on that play and finds Romero as he takes care of the rest.

Merci Wandrille!!

De Nada Andres!!

Andres Romero was so excited by his goal that he retweeted a vine of his feat. Sorry Andres but no Goal of the Week, come week!!

Does anyone wants to talk about Marco Di Vaio's non-celebration? Anyone? Yes the team was trailing but come on Marco!!