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Impact face CD FAS in CONCACAF Champions League: Risks and Rewards

The Montreal Impact look to get 6 points against CD FAS and take the lead in its CONCACAF Champions League group.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

As the Montreal Impact aim for Group 3 dominance to go through to the CONCACAF Champions League quarter-finals, the club has already taken advantage of an easy schedule. After beating CD FAS 1-0 at Stade Saputo, the bleu-blanc-noir play the Salvadorian champion this evening at at Stade Cuscatlan.

As the New York Red Bulls did not play one CCL game, Montreal hopes to get maximum points against CD FAS. The story-line gets even more interesting as the Impact's next MLS opponent is New York, a game to be played at Red Bulls arena this weekend.

What are the risks and rewards of tonight's game?

Risk: Losing the game

The first game between both clubs was not a footballing success as per quality, entertainment and sportsmanship. The visitors had visa problems and only came to Montreal with 14 players With CD FAS playing at home and with a full squad, the home team will be more focused to attack Montreal's weaknesses.

Do you remember the Impact's defense when both teams played each other? The CD FAS coach did.

Reward: Winning the game

There isn't any better remedy to a disastrous MLS season than winning games. Getting back to back wins , after the 1-0 win against the Chicago Fire, would be huge for this club as it also prepares to face the Red Bulls over the weekend. As Frank Klopas always says that the team will take the season one game at a time, one might as well win those ''one game at a time'' type of games.

Reward: Strongest Starting XI

Piatti and Di Vaio might play again together tonight and the coaching staff has insisted on fielding the strongest starting XI. But as Klopas adds his personal touch to the team, we will expect to see the same core of players within an Impact starting XI. Though some rotation is expected with so many games in 7 days, tonight's starting XI will give us an idea on Klopas' plan for the rest of the season and might give us a small glimpse of 2015.

Risk: Injuries

If it's not the Salvadorian players that will injure the Impact players with a hard tackle, it's the long grass and hungry ants as reported by Dave Levesque, who is travelling with the club.

An untimely injury to a core player would be dramatic for the club. But nothing would be more dramatic than seeing Piatti fall to an injury due to pitch conditions.

Nothing to lose, everything to win for the Montreal Impact as it hopes to salvage its MLS season with a long run in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Impact vs CD FAS : 22:00 EDT at Stade Cuscatlan, on Sportsnet & TVA Sports