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Ignacio Piatti eager to play in Montreal but also in New York and Miami

Ignacio Piatti is not media shy and it got him into hot water.

Maurizio Lagana

After the self-invented Schallibaum clause and the famous Piatti watch, its time for the Piatti affair. Its neither a riveting Dan Brown novel nor a dramatic Tom Clancy spy thriller. The Montreal Impact's future designated player told to a Buenos Aires radio, Radio Grafica, that he wants to make a good impression with the Impact.

No controversy yet but it's coming.

But Ignacio 'Nacho' Piatti added that he would want to play in New York or Miami hence creating confusion and havoc in the #IMFC realm . For the exact quote, we will confer to our friends at Le Footeur who broke the story and master the Spanish language.

My goal is to go to Canada to look good and then see if there are opportunities in the United States. I would like to play in New York or Miami.

Montreal Impact fan (super-fan maybe?) , Pierre Mailhot, summarizes the Piatti Affair perfectly with a witty tweet.

What did we learn from this?

  • I don't speak Spanish nor claim to understand it with ease.
  • Ignacio Piatti might seem confused when you read Le Footeur's transcript of his interview but he might just be very frank but also unaware of the reach of the Internet.
  • The Montreal Impact's horrendous season does not help in any way, shape or form to release any kind of pressure on this affair. The club has not commented on this and it's a good thing.
  • Montreal Impact fans are very nervous and susceptible to adverse news surrounding the club they support: a sign that they still care but for how long?
It's unfortunate that Nacho Piatti will be coming to Montreal with some apprehension, doubts and suspicion from a fan base that will pounce on any bit of information on a club in which it has invested time and money as its 12e Joueur.

Let's finish with a smile and watch Nacho Piatti's best moments