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FIFA sanctions Club Sud America for bridge transfers

Club Sud America, Santiago Gonzalez's previous club, has been banned by FIFA for bridge transfers.

Harold Cunningham

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has sanctioned Uruguayan club Institución Atlética Sud América and four Argentinian clubs - IA Central Córdoba, CA Independiente, Racing Club and CA Rosario Central - for breaches relating to the international transfer of players.

If club Sud America is familiar to you, it's because Santiago Gonzalez, the Montreal Impact's latest signing, was transferred just recently from the Uruguayan club to Montreal.

The Uruguyan club is charged of bridge transfers, which basically means that clubs are collaborating to transfer players through a "bridge" club to a destination club. And the player was never fielded by the bridge club. The accused bridge club is Sud America.

The two-year investigation was on alleged bridge transfers that occured in 2012 between the Uruguayan and Argentinean clubs, which means that the Santiago Gonzalez transfer is not being investigated as it happened in 2014.

Sud America has been sanctionned by FIFA with a national and international transfer ban for two complete consecutive transfer periods as well as a fine of CHF 40,000 and a warning as to its future conduct.

FIFA Full Press Release can be read here