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Forbes Mexico: Montreal Impact worth 63.7 Millions Dollars

Forbes Mexico ranks the Montreal Impact 25th out of 30 clubs in both Americas.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes Mexico has compiled a list of the 30 most valuable teams in both Americas and the Montreal Impact ranks 25th with a value of 63.7 millions dollars. Three parameters are taking into account to compile the list : Cost or Value of the club's stadium (if owned by the club), the price of the squad of players and the ''value of the brand''.

My Spanish is suspect at best but I will assume that '' the price of the squad of playerw'' refers to players' value on a transfer market. But it could be the salaries paid to the squad.

Notable Clubs

1. Corinthians

Country: Brazil
Value: 579.9 million dollars

2. Guild

Country: Brazil
Value: 354.4 million dollars

3. Palmeiras

Country: Brazil
Value: 343 million dollars

5. New York Red Bulls

Country: United States
Value: 250.5 million dollars

8. Sporting Kansas City

Country: United States
Value: 229.1 million dollars

9.  Los Angeles Galaxy

Country: United States
Value: 207.6 million dollars

10. São Paulo

Country: Brazil
Value: 188.4 million dollars

14. Boca Juniors

Country: Argentina
Value: 119.8 million dollars

16. River Plate

Argentina / 114.5 mdd

21. Seattle Sounders

Country: United States

Value : 80.6 million dollars

25. Montreal Impact


Value : 63.7 million dollars

26. Independiente

Country : Argentina

Value: 63.3 million dollars

27. Xolos Tijuana

Country Mexico

Value: 63.2 million dollars

29 .Columbus Crew


Value : 60.3 million dollars

30. Monterrey

Country: Mexico

Value :56.3 million dollars

The full list can be found here.