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Mount Royal Soccer is looking for writers: Yes, You!!

Your canvas awaits.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mount Royal Soccer has established itself in a record time as a prized and important stop for the Montreal Impact fan as he seeks news, analysis, fun reads and more about the Montreal Impact and Major League Soccer. Like MLS, the expansion never stops and we are looking to add more writers to a growing team.

Seeking additional writers to help with academy coverage, links posts, Impact news, national team coverage, game threads and more. Further info can be found by reaching out to

Mount Royal Soccer is looking for consistent writers that can deliver in a weekly basis and among those, specialists are welcomed and sought for.

The News-Breaker : he/she likes to follow news concerning the Impact, writes a post on a timely basis ( multiple times a week) and can even add an opinion on the piece of news

The Pre-Game Pro: he/she enjoys covering the bleu-blanc-noir but likes to analyze the other team,the opponents' star players, staff or an interesting story on the opposite team/organization. This also includes being the go to person to participate in SBNation's speciality " Three Questions" to preview games with the SBN MLS blog counter-part.

Create your Speciality: MRS has always been about being open to all kind of content that commits to producing on a regular basis with quality, tact and also humour.

Contact us and let's talk some MLS Soccer. The season has just ended for the Impact but it has only started on SBNation.