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Ignacio Piatti : The Impact's not so secret weapon is also its double edged sword

Remember the Di Vaio dependence in 2013? 20 goals, cool hashtags, a historical playoff berth but no transition.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Ignacio Piatti's arrival to the club had an instance impact on the pitches as he energized a squad marred by mental fatigue, desperate for wins. His influence on the pitch is reminiscent of what a certain Marco Di Vaio who was making MLS defenders look like they belonged in USL Pro.

Since that season and a short lived MLS playoff participation, the club has nothing to show for from a season that saw its first DP score 20 goals. Unfortunately, its reaction to a decent MLS season included suspect transition, last minute coach change and an inability to strengthen the squad efficiently, if at all.

2015 started back in July for the Impact as it was in the midst of a 7-game losing streak, a losing streak that would pin the club to the bottom of the Eastern Conference, permanently. Piatti's arrival coincided with more scored goals and more wins but it was already too late. A berth to the CCL quarterfinals is the only consolation prize that it could give to its fans.

The good news is that the bleu-Blanc-noir has quickly become Piatti's team, a perfect transition as Di Vaio bids farewell to his North American home.

Is the Montreal Impact doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?

One has to say yes. The Impact has not proven once to be able to handle an off-season without shaking an already seemingly frail house of cards. Not surrounding Di Vaio was a mistake, hoping that Piatti can take this same team to the next level is a bigger mistake. Changing coaches without an evident transition plan has doomed the 2014 season before it even started.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.-Albert Einstein

DP recruitment has been spot on for Montreal, adding depth is a work in progress but a positive progression has been observed. But it was too late. The supporting cast should have joined the team earlier to give the team a fighting chance in an Eastern Conference that drastically changed.

The double-edged sword called Piatti will hurt the club if it hopes to be the only solution to all its problems on the pitch. As Frank Klopas is trying to build to team to his image, while adhering to the club's "philosophy" , Piatti will be the most important piece of that building process.

But for a team that has already conceded 54 goals and without a discernible style of play, hoping that Piatti alone will take the team to new heights is suicide.